Family Holidays

Family Holiday


Enjoy our entertainment programs for all members of your family. Discovering the vibrant city, the cosy restaurants, the “Hungarian sea”, spa and historical places that will make your trip unforgettable.

You’ll find that Hungarians are very welcoming to children especially, often greeting them with smiles and giving up their seats for them on the bus. Restaurants in Hungary usually have highchairs, and although kids’ menus are rare, you’ll find staff very happy to provide half-portions.

We know that traveling with children isn’t always a piece of cake so that’s why we’ve gathered a list of the most family-friendly attractions in Budapest and outside of the Capital to keep your whole family entertained. Discover family-friendly Lake Balaton with its resorts offering relaxation and wellness for parents and of course offering plenty of fun-packed activities to keep the kids busy.

You can choose between many activities on the water or the sand include pedalling, windsurfing, wakeboarding, fishing, safe playground or there’s a huge waterpark, horse-riding or cycling in the area, homely restaurants and many more. Browse through our family offers and spend several richly memorable, adventurous and fun-filled days with your family.

If you want to spend a romantic evening with your spouse, a qualified baby sitter is available; she is there to take excellent care of your kids in order to give you free time.

Family friendly hotels and apartments in Hungary

There are plenty of opportunities to choose between different category hotels and apartments during your stay in Hungary. Room choices here can fit a family of any size, whether you need double beds, a connecting door or a whole suite or apartments to keep everyone comfortable.

The apartment has 1, 2 or 3 double bedrooms and a sitting room with open plan kitchen that is fully equipped and generally include a dishwasher, a microwave and a coffee machine. In many case there is a washing machine in the bathroom if you are planning to stay a bit longer.

You can hunt for and find deals on hotels/ apartments to keep the costs of your vacation low, as we understand the importance of staying within your travel budget. Close to entertainment, shopping, theme parks, restaurants, our range of accommodations ensure that you’ll never lack places to spend time or activities to do together, whatever your budget is.

Budapest with kids

If you are planning your family holidays in Hungary with little children or a baby, we can provide a baby bed, a highchair and even a baby bath.

There are many child-friendly activities and attractions in Budapest. Budapest is a city that’s brimming with adventure for children of all ages – or even just the young at heart. From playgrounds to aqua parks, and science works to sharks, there’s so much for children to uncover and explore.

More things to do for families with kids around Budapest

Budapest’s surroundings also offer lots of attractions. Right to the north of city you’ll find charming Szentendre with Open Air Museum (Scanzen) or Szamos Marzipan Museum, The Visegrad Hill towers above the Danube bend providing a breathtaking view. Once having been a royal seat, Visegrad is rich in historical and cultural sights: the former Royal palace, Solomon’s tower with Knight Tournament.

You can explore the natural beauties of the hill on meandering hiking tracks. The more adventurous and active can try the bob-sleighing course in summer. Head northeast from the city of Gödöllő where you can visit the Royal Palace. Near Gödöllő you may see a real Hungarian horse show at Lázár Equestrian Park, where you can enjoy exciting Horse Show with typical Hungarian foods.

Do not miss to visit Hollókő, the traditional medieval village and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The most interesting thing that this is not an open-air museum, but a real, living village with warm hearted, friendly Palóc people. They speak in a special dialect and we loved listening to them.

  • Budapest: Parliament Building
  • Budapest: Kids Conquer Buda Castle with Funicular
  • Budapest: Hop on Hop off tours
  • Budapest: Danube cruise with lunch or dinner
  • Budapest: Danube cruise with pizza & unlimited drinks
  • Budapest: Treasure hunt city tour
  • Budapest: Margharet Island: with bringó hintó, mini zoo, musical fountain…
  • Budapest: Zoo & Botanical Garden
  • Budapest: Rowing a boat in the City Park
  • Budapest: Circus
  • Budapest: Palace of Miracles
  • Budapest: Tropicarium
  • Budapest: Miniversum
  • Budapest: Railway Museum with „Füsti” garden train
  • Budapest: Children’s Railway
  • Budapest: Libegő, the chair lift
  • Budapest: Sweet treats, Chocolate school
  • Budapst: The Labyrinth of Caves in Budapest Castle
  • Budapest: Caves
  • Budapest: Hungarian Natural History Museum
  • Budapest: MiniCity Playhouse
  • Budapest: Elevenpark Indoor Play Park
  • Budapest: Children Island
  • Budapest: Escape Room
  • Budapest: Dinner with Mediaval show
  • Budapest: Dinner with folckore show
  • Budapest: Palace of Arts with concerts for kids
  • Budapest: Planetarium
  • Budapest: Electric Go-Kart FlashKart
  • Budapest: Adventure parks
  • Budapest: Aquapark
  • Budapest in winter City Park Ice Rink
  • Budapest: Wildlife Park in Budakeszi
  • Tabajd: Barefoot Park
  • Veresegyház: Bear Park near Budapest
  • Szentendre: Scanzen (Open air Museum)
  • Szentendre: Marcipán Múzeum
  • Visegrág: Bob pálya
  • Visegrád: Adventure Parks
  • Visegrád. Castle area with Knight Tournament
  • Danube bend: boat excursion from/to Budapest
  • Mogyoród: F1 Hungarian Grand Prix
  • Gödöllő. Royal Palace
  • Gödöllő-Domony völgy: Equestian park

Family fun at Lake Balaton

Family fun at Lake Balaton, which is often affectionately called the “Hungarian Sea” and the largest freshwater lake in Europe. Balaton is a popular spot for water sports and lazing in the sun and offering plenty of fun-packed activities to keep the kids busy and opportunities for the grown-ups to relax.

Balaton’s south shore is almost entirely built up with a continuous chain of resort towns. Most of the beaches are grassy, but many resorts have artificial sandy beaches. The largest destination is Siófok, known as the “Party Capital of Hungary“, which attracts many young partygoers in the summer.

The north shore has cooler and deeper water. The hills offer wonderful scenery and excellent wineries. The major resort towns on the north shore are Keszthely and Balatonfüred.

The beaches around Lake Balaton, open from May to October. In addition to roomy accommodations, many of the best kid friendly hotels in Lake Balaton feature pool areas and game rooms to help keep the little ones entertained. In summer the major towns (Keszthely, Siófok, Zamárdi, Balatonboglár, Balatonfüred, etc) around the lake come alive with colourful programs including a buzzing nightlife. Should you get bored by lieing on the sun or soaking in the silky water you surely will find a concert, a cooking festival or a sport event that will jazz you up.

Families with children can find a number of services at Lake Balaton and surrounding.

You can explore the lake-side settlements on one of the best cycle paths in the country, with total length of approx. 200 km. The stage is easy, only the East and the North shore is hilly, the other side is flat.
Whether you want to learn windsurfing, go for sailing, or just admiring the picturesque scenery at sunset from a boat you’l find an opportunity to do so at Lake Balaton. Sailing is also quite popular on the lake. There is a competition almost every weekend and during the “Blue ribbon” the lake is full of sailing boats for at least a day! If you have the required papers for navigating a sailing boat, you can rent a sailboat in some of the bigger ports around.
You can even take a boat trip on the Lake. Cruises on the lake with duration of about 90 minutes depart from major ports on the lake as Keszthely, Balatonfured or Siofok or from other port daily in summer. The tour programs are various. Whether for coffee or wine tasting trip, the choice of the program depends on the interest of tourists. The evening program “Sunset ships” offers a disco on a steamer in the lake
If all this is still not enough, you can try a so-called panoramic ride. Holiday season is long here, because almost every town on Lake Balaton has a port. On the Panorama route you will pass along almost entire lake shore, with the approximately 20 ports. You can stop at any time disembark. Sometimes, the route also turns to the left or right side of the lake. Surely, Panorama shipping is one of the most pleasant ways to get acquainted with Lake Balaton.
Motorboat ride – We offer an excursion with a private motorboat and skipper for an unforgettable motorboat experience. See the lake from the best possible viewpoint admiring the mountains and villas on the Tihany Peninsula. The 320-horsepower diesel motor guarantees the experience. The capacity of the boat is up to 20 people. The boat quickly overcomes any distance, to the north – the distance between the southern shore is just a few minutes travel time.
Paddle boats or water bike are available almost everywhere around the lake. On some locations you can find the very classic and simple ones, while elsewhere you will find others with slide or with a shape of a VW Beetle. The prices depend on the type of the vechicles and the location of the beaches.
Sightseeing flights depart from the airport between Zalakaros and Zalakomár so you can get a bird’s eye view of the lake and its surroundings.
Hungary is one of those countries where you can still ride for pleasure at superb horse riding clubs and farms where you can learn the basics of horse riding form experienced trainers. The neighbourhood of lake Balaton is no exception numerous riding clubs offer riding lessons, organize summer camps and tours of varying length.
In winter when temperature falls well below zero for for many days the frozen lake attract ice skaters and a new winter sport craze, ice sailing is also becoming more and more popular.
On the northern shores of Lake Balaton lies the marvelous town of Szigliget, host to one of the mightiest castles in Hungary. Built on the Várhegy hill, the Castle of Szigliget rises more than 242 meters and houses a medieval fortress built by the Benedictine order around the 13th century. The fort was attacked on many occasions and what is seen today are the ruins of the castle which protected the region from tartar invasions and Turkish occupations alike.
Tapolca a subterranean cave lake that you can explore by boat ride at about 15 to 20 meters below the surface, forming an out-of-this-world cave system. Discovered around 1903, the cave ahs been open to the public since 1912 and includes over 3 kilometers of passages, unique underground karst formations, narrow channels and countess chambers.
The two-towered Abbey of the Tihany peninsula can bee seen form far away. In Tihany is announced with the fragrance of lavender emitting from omnipresent purple blooms. The echo was one of Tihany’s best-known phenomenons. Effectively it exists since the middle of the XVIII. century, when the present abbey recovered. The words shouted out from the echo hill are repulsing under 2 seconds from the abbey’s north side wich is more than 300 metres far.
It can be quite enchanting to see all the important parts of this picturesque town while riding on a small train. The whole route is 6-8km long, and the journey takes about 30 minutes. The stops are at the town center, near the abbey, at Rév-Club (where you can cross Lake Balaton and arrive to Siófok) at the boat pier and the Lavender Center. It is worth phoning ahead to check the schedule before your planned excursion.
Near the Inner Lake, there is a park where young and old can spend time pleasurably. A great playground for the children, and a bowling area and mini golf course for grownups guarantee a good time. Don’t worry if you get a little hungry – a nearby stand sells pancakes, sandwiches and local snacks (like tócsi – grated potato and onions baked together) as well as wine from the slopes of Balaton.
Balatonfüred has been the most fashionable resort on the lake since the 18th century. Many Hungarian writers and artists whose magnificent villas has been turned into museums. Popular activities here include strolling along the long tree-lined promenade or competing in any of the many sailing regattas; among other refined amusements, the annual Anna Ball is continually hosted here since 1825.

For an escape from civilized society, hike amid the nearbyKoloska Valley’s 761 hectares of protected woodland. The town was declared a medical centre first in Hungary. Balatonfüred is a centre of viticulture in the region.
Balatonfüred Wakeboard Centrum offers surf schools, sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing programs on the lake.
Keszthely at the western crook of the lake has several attractions including the imposing Festetics castle with its 101 rooms and surrounded by a beautiful English park. If you’re travelling in the area with kids then City beach (Varosi strand) is a great beach and amusement area to check out: it has water slides, a big pool and various play areas as well as nice lawns, a beach and loungers for parents to relax on.
Keszthely: Programmes of summer season in Keszthely start already at the end of April with Helikon Ceremony and followed by the programmes of Balaton Festival in May. Summer Theatre of Keszthely is held in July and August in the park of the palace.

In the Pantheon in the Promenade you can find plaques commemorating the famous figures and events related with Keszthely. In the city centre you can find the Doll Museum and the Marchpane Museum.
A short journey away from Keszthely, the world-renowned spa town of Hévíz is centered on the planet’s second-largest thermal lake, soothing soakers year-round. Apart from indulgence the medicinal waters will rejuvenate women and men, ease rheumatic, arthritis and a few other health problems.

Hévíz the worlds largest hot water lake with healing benefits attracts many visitors every year. People suffering from chronic gynaecological, rheumatic, and some dermatological diseases can find healing in the waters.
Alsópáhok (near Keszthely in Zala County) is families’ and kids’ paradise. The hotel and recreation complex lies on a hilly, green area offering beautiful panorama. Several thermal pools both inside and outside, large, children-friendly playgrounds, interactive programs and generous buffet breakfasts and dinners papmper the guests. Qualified staff looks after your little ones if you want some kid-free time.
Siófok in the southern shore is the center of summer parties and concerts. Lake Balaton’s biggest summer music festival – Balaton Sound – happens just outside of. Famous sand-covered beaches like the Aranypart (Golden Shore) and the Ezüstpart (Silver Shore).
You can jump out of a plane or a helicopter. The M-8 Boogie program includes jumping from a helicopter from more than 4,000 meters or (snooze) simply bailing out of a plane.As you float earthward over hills, vineyards and the lake, you’ll understand why this is a popular activity during peak season (meaning reservations are a must).

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