Famous Hungarians

Hungarians are a talented and resourceful bunch, and they feature heavily in lists of internationally significant inventors, musicians, artists and sports stars.

The number of these incredible people is astounding given the size of the Hungarian population in the entire world is around 20 million. This list is far from inclusive, but exemplifies, along with the other sections, the Hungarian genius! Many of these will surprise you. Did you know that native Hungarians and scientists of Hungarian origin received a Nobel Prize on more than 20 occasions? Or that the Rubik’s cube is a Hungarian invention?

Hungarian inventions and achievements you didn't know were Hungarian!

Did you know…

… that Europe did not know before the Hungarians Return of the fork and spoon. Hand and knife were the fried meat.
… Hungarians brought our techniques with special seasoning, it is cut, together with the spices cooking. Beside the sweet, salty, sour and bitter tastes what Hungarians have a strong flavor to our foods.
… that did not involve Toga today for the people, because of what Hungarians brought with us a pair of pants, a jacket (boiler), long coat (kaftan ) underwear as well.
… that the Dutch are grown in 400 years, the tulip, Hungarians are 3,000 years?
… that the irrigation our management and crop rotation is naturalized in this part of the world? Of course, these are just some examples include, but are not limited to.

Nobel Prize winners

Nobel Prizes have gone to 12 Hungarians. In fact, Hungary ranks 16th in the number of these prizes won.
• Nobel Prize for Literature: Imre Kertész (2002)
• Nobel Prize for Economics: John Harsányi (1994)
• Nobel Prize for Physics: Fülöp von Lenárd (1905), Eugene Wigner (1963), Dennis Gábor (1971)
• Nobel Prize for Physiology / Medicine: Robert Bárány (1914), Albert Szent-Györgyi (1937), George von Békésy (1961), Daniel Carlton Gajdusek (1976)
• Nobel Prize for Chemistry: Richard Zsigmondy (1925), Leopold Ruzicka (1939), George de Hevesy (1943), John Polányi (1986), George Olah (1994), Ferenc Herskó (Avram Hershko,/1904)

Everyday items

• Rubik’s Cube
• Ballpoint pen - by László Bíró in 1938
• Binoculars and opera glasses by Joseph Petzval
• Safety match by János Irinyi in 1836.
• Vitamin C was discovered by Albert Szent-Györgyi who won the 1937 Nobel Prize for Medicine
• Ignác Semmelweis, the ‘Saviour of Mothers’. He saved mother’s lives by using the method of hand disinfection.
• Tungsten lamp by Sándor Just and Imre Bródy
• Soda water by Ányos Jedlik
• The first 100 percent solar-powered house by Maria Telkes

Auto and electric

• The carburettor for a stationary engine by Donát Bánki and János Csonka
• The first helicopter by Oszkár Asbóth (in 1928)
• The four-wheel carriage also known as a “coach” takes its name from the Hungarian word “kocsi” meaning "of Koch" – the Hungarian city where coaches were first made.
• "The father of the electric train" (the three-phase motor and generator needed for electric railways ) by Kálmán Kandó
• The electric motor and car by Ányos Jedlik
• Ford T Modell car was designed by Hungarian-American József Galamb
• The basic design of the Volkswagen Beetle by Béla Barényi
• The modern electric transformer by Ottó Bláthy, Miksa Déri and Károly Zipernowsky
• AC watt meter and turbo generator by Ottó Bláthy
• The articulated bus by Gábor Lassú, László Rózsa and Béla Színi.
• The high-altitude engine by Albert Fonó

IT and communications

• The telephone exchange in 1877 by Tivadar Puskás
• The digital computing by János von Neumann
• The colour TV in 1940 by Peter Károly Goldmark
• The first plasma TV and flat-panel TV in 1936 by Kálmán Tihanyi
• The high level programming language known as BASIC was co-invented in 1964 by Hungarian János Kemény
• Károly Simonyi started and headed the Microsoft applications group that was responsible for the hugely popular popular programs Word and Excel.
• The Semi-automatic camera and movie recording camera in 1939 by József Mihalyi and Ödön Riszdorfer


• The hydrogen bomb in the 1950 by Edward Teller
• Leo Szilárd and Edward Teller had a role in creating the atomic bomb.
• The nuclear chain reaction and the nuclear reactor by Leo Szilárd
• Dénes Gábor invented holography – the process of creating 3D images, and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971 for this amazing invention.

Recent innovations

• Prezi is a cloud based presentation and storytelling software invented in 2009 by co-founders Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy and Peter Arvai.
• Leonar3Do, invented by Daniel Rátai, is a combined hardware and software platform that can create a 3D virtual reality environment.
• In 2014 Áron Losonczi patented LiTraCon blokk a light transmitting concrete that is a mix of concrete and optical glass fibres by Losonczi Áron
• The gomboc is a funny little creation by Gábor Domokos and Péter Várkonyi. It’s a mono-monostatic object that can self-right from any position.
• Recently Hungarians also invented a biometric technology palm scanner that identifies a person based on five million palm vein data points.

Opinions about us, Hungrians

What the Hungarians spiritual values to the world, by far stands out even among many major national achievements.
• Leo the Wise Byzantine emperor (866-912) . "The Hungarians work, the effort, the burning heat, frost, cold, deprivation tolerate any freedom-lovers."
• Gardez Persian writer, circa 1050: " The Hungarians are brave, good-looking and are considerable. Garment made of colorful selyemszövetből, weaponry silver coated, light-lovers ".
• Charles-Louis Montesqieu (1689-1755), French philosopher: "the Hungarian famous freedom of love, noble and generous character, . Heroic courage hospitality is legendary reputation. "
• by Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) Russian-born American professor of biochemistry, writer (Science Fiction) historian, comedian: an unguarded moment he said them : "the rumor in America that two intelligent species exists on earth. people and Hungarians"
• Enrico Fermi Italian nuclear physicist (1901-1954) - when Fermi asked if he believed in living in the space, he replied: "we're here ?? Hungarians call them "!

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