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Due to its particularly rich stock of game, Hungary is one of the most attractive destinations for hunters. Red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, mouflon and roe deer can all be found (and hunted) in Hungary. As well as European hare, pheasant, grey partridge, bean goose, greater white-fronted goose, mallard, Eurasian teal and Eurasian woodcock.

Most of the game stock lives free, in their natural habitats. Some forestries formed the so called „game preserves” in their territories, especially for wild boar. The Hungarian countryside also has plenty of small game. First and foremost the pheasant, present which is found in almost every corner of the country.

After a successful hunting trip, is there anything better than to relax in a comfortable armchair of a chateau hotel, enjoying a special cigar and a cold drink. We provide hunting programs uniquely organised for our customers’ individual expectations, experience and skills.

Hunting season

Winged game and other small game

Small games1 October–28 February 
Rabbit1 September–31 January
Pheasant cock1 October – 28 February
Pheasant hen1 October – 31 January
Mallard15 August – 31 January
Bean goose, white-fronted goose1 October – 31 January
Partridge1 October – 31 December
Hare1 October – 31 December

Big game

Shooting period: 1 September – 31 October
Stag, culling 1 September – 31 January
Hind 1 September – 31 January
Calf 1 September – 31 January 1 April – 30 June
Fallow deer stag, mature for shooting 1 October – 31 January
Stag, culling 1 October – 28 February
Roe deer buck 15 April – 30 September
Doe, kid 1 October – 28 February
Red deer Stag 1 September-31 October
Mouflon ram Over the whole year
Ewe, lamb 1 September – 28 February
Wild boar All year/Nov.-Jan. driven

We provide hunting programmes tailored to our customers' individual expectations, experience and skills.

We can present various qualities of accommodation for our guest-hunters during their hunting: hunting lodges or hunting castles. Where there are no hunting lodges available we provide accommodation in small hotels or pensions not far from the territory. In every accommodation could be choose full board or partial board.

  • we obtain your hunting permit
  • conclude your mandatory hunting insurance contract,
  • send you letter of invitation, if necessary,
  • obtain permit for customers from non-EU countries to bring guns to the territory of the Republic of Hungary
  • take the guests to the hunting grounds,
  • we provide transportation during the hunting by jeep 4×4, horse carriage, sleigh, boat etc…

During the hunting in all cases the guest-hunter is guided by a professional hunter, who usually speaks English (as request an interpreter could help to communicate). Guest hunters have to follow the commands of their professional guide and they are only allowed to kill the species of game that are specified by their hunting license. Hunters must use their own or the gun they rented for Hunting in Hungary. At the end of each hunt the staff of the territory will fill out the shooting list with the shots you took and the services you used during your stay. Shooting list is in the Hunting license!

For the small game shootings we can provide the required quantity and calibre shot shells according to a previous agreement.

  • carry out the primary preparation of your trophies,
  • do the mandatory trophy evaluation,
  • package your trophies,
  • send you your trophies by post or deliver them in other suitable ways,
  • obtain veterinary surgeons’ required for the exportation of the trophies for customers from non-EU countries and we carry out the preliminary customs clearance formalities
  • one of our delegate person to be present during hunting and/or oversee the hunting programme.
  • we settle accounts at the end of the hunting programme and make out the invoice for the programme based on the prices quoted

In order to send price-quotation for hunting-trip in Hungary we have to know which type of animal do you chops for hunting, if you have own guns or do you want to rent it also and for how many hunting days are you planning in Hungary.

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Send us your inquiry with your expectaions and we prepare you a personalized offer meeting all of your requirements.

Send us your inquiry with your expectations and we prepare you a personalized offer meeting all of your requirements.

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