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Hungary is one of the flagship countries of European medical tourism. It is a well known fact that Hungary has one of the most demanding medical and dental educations in the world.

A quarter of all medical students at Hungarian universities come from abroad, and many Hungarian specialists teach and practice internationally. The main reasons for Hungary’s leading role in European medical tourism are its long experience and practice on the international market. The success story began in the eighties, when Hungary was a popular destination for German and Austrian patients seeking top-quality dentistry and dental prosthetic services of Swiss standards. Since Hungary joined the European Union, medical tourism has become more varied and more international.

In fact, the cost of treatments and patient service is some much lower, that you can afford to fly to Hungary, undergo treatment, enjoy the sights, the culture and shopping offers in Budapest and still save up to 40-70 % on what you would have to pay in the UK, USA and Scandinavian countries.

Key strengths of Hungary for medical tourism

  •  Long establishment as the dental capital of Europe
  • Historical bath culture and large number of thermal baths and medical spas to rejuvenate after surgery
  • High quality European standard medical treatment at internationally competitive rates
  • Considered one of flagship destinations for European medical tourism

Why chose Medical tourists to travel to seeking treatment in Hungary?

  • Very competitive prices with high international standard of care available
  • Wide offering of medical treatments available to cater to international patients
  • Wide range of private treatments available
  • Easily accessible and affordable budget flights to Budapest, favourable exchange rate with good language skills to deal with international patients
  • Reputation of excellent dentists and doctors that complete rigorous medical education and training
  • Thermal spa resorts with invigorating treatments
  • Wide range of tourism opportunities for medical tourists
  • Budapest is one of Europe’s most popular capitals

Medical services

Since the primary motif of medical tourism is recovery and rehabilitation, the main target groups are guests suffering from chronic diseases or those wishing to ease their pain.

During this period, the patients chiefly require medical treatment but often make use of tourism services as well. Between medical and tourism services built typically on natural medicinal factors (mineral water, medicinal cave, mud and microclimate), the emphasis remains of medicine, supplemented by tourism services and attractions. Here we must mention medical tourism, which covers treatments of the non-health resort type, like surgical-, dental-, beautification-plastic and laser interventions but these can only be listed in this category if paired with tourism services.

Medical tourism programs

Several clinics run medical tourism programs and packages. We organising the entire trip including flights, accommodation, transfers and treatments. Furthermore, travellers can combine medical treatments with their holiday, discovering the 1000-year-old history of the country and the unique fusion of eastern and western cultures, while recovering from surgery in one of the many rejuvenating thermal spas.

We have basic and complete spa packages in Hungary

Therapeutic stays are based upon a complete spa treatment plan, which includes a medical consultation and individually-prescribed treatments to take into consideration your specific health condition.

We offer one, two or three weeks packages that include treatments, first class accmmodation, medical examinations, and meal. The recommendeed lenght of stay is 3 weeks for poeple suffering from a condition but most people notice improvement and pain relief during a much shorter period.

  • Based upon these results, the doctor will then design your personalised treatment plan. This will combine natural treatments with physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, medical packs and massage to achieve excellent results. Depending upon your progress, the doctor may subsequently adjust the treatment prescription.
  • We also offer a wide range of relaxation and wellbeing treatments in addition to medical treatments, to ensure that you leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.
  • Treatments in spas take advantage of the natural resources found in each location, ranging from thermal mineral waters to sulphuric mud, spring waters and natural gases. The use of these natural resources has a long tradition and history, which we combine with our medical expertise to offer effective results.
  • To benefit most effectively from the treatment, you are advised to stay for 2-3 weeks.

What is Medical Wellness?

Medical wellness, or ’disease prevention’, means adopting lifestyle behaviours and medical therapies to improve your wellbeing, boost your health and possibly lengthen your life expectancy. Doctors – experts in traditional spa therapies and their effects – will tailor a personal ’medical wellness’ programme for you, designed especially to put your body and spirit in top shape.

Medicinal Water Treatments - Spas of Hungary

Bathing therapy is not a panacea; there are illnesses which cannot be treated in this way, and in certain cases bathing treatment is contraindicated in the Hungarian spas. It is also important to state that while taking a few baths is pleasant rest and relaxation, more serious complaints usually require 2-3 weeks of regular treatment. Like all treatment, bathing therapy has its recommended uses, indications and contraindications.

Before anything else, the patient should always consult his/her doctor about the method, duration and recommended frequency of bathing.

Recommendations: Bathing treatments and natural healing methods have no side effects whatsoever when applied on the basis of an accurate diagnosis. However, it should be noted that before undertaking any cure it is essential to ask your doctor for a medical opinion on the most appropriate type of treatment and its duration.

Warning – bathing times and recommended treatment periods » It is extremely important to keep to the bathing times given, which should be increased gradually from 15 minutes to a maximum of 45 minutes at a time.

General contraindications: generally poor state of health * cardiac conditions * constant high blood pressure * within six months of a heart attack * tumours * tuberculosis * pregnancy * active or inflammatory stage of degenerative locomotor disorders * Infectious diseases (TBC, Hepatitis, etc.), * post- operation and heart attack (PTCA, bypass coronary, Myocardial infarction, etc. the latest documents from cardiac surgery are needed) * thrombosis (just in special cases) * serious cases of anaemia * leukaemia * haemophilia, * resistant hypertonic disease * hyperthyroidism (M. Basedow)

In Hungary, medicinal waters are generally used in bathing form for chronic degenerative locomotors disorders, chronic inflammatory spinal and arthritic illnesses in inactive states. Indication generally of thermal bath post-operative treatment of trauma injuries and after particular surgery.

Send us your inquiry with your expectaions and we prepare you a personalized offer meeting all of your requirements.