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Thermal Lake Hévíz, the fountain of life

There is, no successful surgery without professional rehabilitation. Postoperative physical therapy begins immediately after surgery. The medicinal water based on thermal water, medical caves, medical resorts, balneotherapeutical treatments and special Hungarian methods. Hungarian spa waters are excellent and widely used for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and other locomotor disorder.

During the rehabilitation period, the patients chiefly require medical treatment but often make use of tourism services as well. Between medical and tourism services built typically on natural medicinal factors (mineral water, medicinal cave, mud and microclimate), the emphasis remains of medicine, supplemented by tourism services and attractions.

The low cost of procedures and high quality is one of the main reason to go to Hungary. Medical services’ prices in Hungary are up to 25-50 % lower than for instance in UK, Germany, Sweden, France or Spain.

Rehabilitation packages

In chronic care, the rehabilitation with thermal water, balneotherapeutical treatments and special methods can make a wonder. Complex balneotherapeutical package is offered for patients suffering in the deceases mentioned above.

Specialists such as rheumatologists, neurologists, dermatologists, cardiologists and therapists work together at spas and spa hotels.

Unique Hungarian methods such as physiotherapy, weight bath, and mofetta help the patients to recover. The medicinal water based rehabilitation-type tourism (based on thermal water, medical caves, medical resorts, balneotherapeutical treatments and special Hungarian methods) attracts more and more patients.

Traditional Balneo therapy

Budapest, Hévíz, Sárvár, Bükfürdő

Spine Therapy

Budapest, Hévíz, Bükfürdő

Rehab program for post- hip and knee replacement surgery


Health programme for children


It is important that all services are available under one roof: wellness, medical examinations and treatments, exercise programs, prevention consultancy, natural cosmetics and beauty treatments, and also nutrition programs. Whether regeneration programs, cure offers, vital field therapy, medical baths or treatments such as magnetic therapy, inhalation and laser therapy, or the healing of musculoskeletal disorders, rehabilitation and nutrition, a highly trained medical team is constantly will care for you. Based on a health check, individually tailored solutions are offered to alleviate, cure or prevent diseases.

Main rehabilitation treatment process

Rehabilitation in Thermal Baths and Health Spa Resorts of Hungary

In accordance with current legal regulation, nine kinds of various bath treatments can be obtained by medical prescription, for the purpose of rehabilitation, in the thermal baths, healh spa resorts of Hungarian Spas:

  • Thermal bathing
  • Thermal tub-bath
  • Mud treatment
  • Underwater traction
  • Bathing in carbonated water
  • Medical massage
  • Underwater water jet massage
  • Underwater healing gymnastics in groups
  • Complex healing bath facilities

Thermal bath therapies can be ordered by physicians specialising in rheumatology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the organs of locomotion. We provide all treatments (except for pool bath, tub-bath and massages) exclusively upon medical prescription that contains the name of the patient, his/her personal data, diagnosis as well as the prescription relating to treatment are indicated.

Health spa and wellness hotels in Hungary located in tranquil settings with unique natural resources: thermal mineral water, natural mud, mineral drinking water, natural gas or salt. Professional medical centres and expert spa doctors offering therapeutic and medical treatments

Utilising the power of nature - spa treatments in Hungary

The medical and rehabilitation natural spas specialise in the treatment of the following conditions in Hungary:

  • Mobility issues – rheumatism & arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, soft tissue rheumatism, osteoarthritis of spine and joints, sport injuries
  • Chronic inflammatory degenerative diseases of the muskuloskeletal system
  • Posture issues – lower back pain
  • Orthopaedic disorders
  • Digestive issues – metabolic disorders
  • Blood pressure & chronic peripheral circulatory problems
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Post operation recuperation and rehabilitation
  • Fibromyalgia

Orthopaedic physical therapy rehabilitation

Orthopedic physical therapy is truly essential to restore the patients’ activity, strength and motion right after injuries or surgery.

In fact, the therapy after the surgery is equally important as the surgical procedure itself.

  • Pre and Post Surgical Care of all Orthopedic
  • Balance/Vertigo Rehabilitation
  • Postural Training
  • Arthritis Management
  • Back/Neck Rehabilitation
  • Joint Pain Management
  • Manual Therapy/McKenzie Treatment
  • Spinal Stabilization
  • Muscle and Ligament Strains and Sprains
  • Myofascial Release
  • Auto Accident Injuries
  • Work Injuries

The benefits of physical rehabilitation are numerous! Decreasing pain and inflammation, improving mobility and joint range of motion and helping regain muscular strength and endurance are just a few of the benefits.

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports activities are the most popular form of recreation, which, aside from being fun, have a very positive effect on our musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems as well as our metabolism.

The goal of sports rehabilitation program is to shorten the time between the onset of injury and recovery. Patients have access to the same know-how available to all athletes as well as the world’s leading athletes that helped them reduce their injuries. Manual therapy, physiotherapy, sports massage, electrotherapy, ultrasonography, laser and Spineliner treatments as are x-rays, CT and MRI scans and DEXA

Complex Treatment of Spinal Disorders – The complex examination and treatment of symptoms and complaints are of special importance in musculoskeletal surgery and in the conservative care of the spine.

Children rehabilitation

In the field of innovative children’ rehabilitation, Pető and DSGM (Dévény Special Manual Technique and Gymnastic Method) in Budapest brought significant reputation and acknowledgement for Hungary all over the world. 

Conductive Rehabilitation, the Pető-method is a specifically highly developed therapeutic approach for children and adults who have locomotors disorders of neurological origin such as cerebral palsy, Stroke Survivors, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Acquired Brain Injury. 

This method bases on combination of educational and therapeutic knowledge. DSGM is a very effective treatment of childbirth damages.

The Lake Hévíz is the biggest biologically active, natural thermal lake in the world

The cure in Hévíz is not only for rehabilitation but it also serves for prevention, relaxation and recreation. The water of the lake has a special curative effect on the different kinds of rheumatic, locomotor, muscle, and nervous system´s disorders and gynaecological problems. 

The thermal lake with a surface of 44,400 m2 is the second largest lake with peat bottom in the world. The medicinal water gushes out from a 38 m deep spring crater, its average temperature in summer is 33-35 °C, but in winter it is not less than 23 °C, so one can bathe outside all year round.

Rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders, arthralgia, polyarthritis (except in acute phase), spondylarthritis (M. Bechterew), discopathia, late rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery (joint prosthetic implants, spinal surgery, corrective surgery, etc.), various cases of neuropathy, tennis elbow or golf arm, frozen shoulder, peritendinitis, static disbalance of the body and fibromyalgia etc.

Infectious diseases (TBC, Hepatitis, etc.), all malignant tumours, Multiple Sclerosis), circulatory disturbances combined with cardiac insufficiency, post- operation and heart attack (PTCA, bypass coronary, Myocardial infarction, etc. the latest documents from cardiac surgery are needed), thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, serious cases of anaemia, leukaemia, haemophilia, hyperthyroidism (M. Basedow), resistant hypertonic disease, pregnancy, children under 14 years.

Various physical therapy treatments are also important for a successful treatment

The curative effect of the lake of Hévíz is unique in the world, thanks to its composition is capable of treatment of rheumatic locomotic and some gynaecological diseases. In order to fully exploit the therapeutic effects of the lake water, in addition to bathing, physicians use many forms of treatments in the course of the compilation of the cures.

Exercise with professional supervision or therapeutic exercise is part of a complex treatment. It is an extremely important therapy in the treatment of locomotor disorders. Unhealthy lifestyles, such as lack of physical exercise in many cases further deteriorate the health of the patients, which can be helped by regular physical exercise. 

Therapeutic exercise: one of the aims of the physical exercise tailored to the condition of the individual is to restore the injured joints and spine operation, to improve the condition and power of the muscle system, to eliminate its defects and to correct the posture of the individual.

It is a method mainly used for increasing the movement range of the spine as well as for mobilising the neck and waist. However, successful results can be achieved with it in stretching muscles that are shortened because of poor posture or pain, strengthening muscles around the back, the abdomen and the hips, or improving coordination.

Spinal exercise is carried out in an eased position with the help of qualified physiotherapists in every case. The movements are easy to learn and can be performed later at home as well.

This therapy applies the healing impact of mixed medicinal water and the favourable physical characteristics of water (ascensional power, resistance, etc.). Underwater exercise causes less strain to the muscles and joints, therefore it is also suitable for those, who are not allowed to do normal physical exercise.

The impact of all these treatments can be boosted by treatments based on thermal (heat), electric, etc. energies. In addition to the mentioned traditional methods, special techniques can also be used for treating back problems: Schroth therapy * Manual therapy * McKenzie method * Kinezio tape * Spineliner treatment

The curative effect of the mud – covering the bottom of the lake – is especially strong. The mud of Lake Hévíz – mixed by the lake’s water – is used in the form of packs. According to the opinion of specialist doctors, a maximum of six body parts can be wrapped in mud at a time.

The main effect of medicinal mud is to keep the hands and body parts warm. The duration of the mud treatment is 20 minutes, after which at least a 30 minute period of relaxation is recommended. Mud packs can be carried out only on medical advice in Hévíz.

It is recommended for the following diseases:

  • in case of chronic musculoskeletal diseases, it is indicated for both degenerative, atherosclerotic disease forms and inflammatory diseases
  • in case of certain orthopaedic, neurologic, medical and gynaecological diseases

It was dr. Moll Károly who pioneered the use of the underwater pulling weight-bath. The head physician’s idea to use pulling during bathing in the lake came from the various ‘reconditioning’ methods.

The weight-bath does not only mean the stretching of the spine, but it is a hydrotherapy as well. In the hot medicinal water the efficiency of the treatment is significantly increased. This treatment is one of the Hungarian rheumatology’s greatest discoveries of practical importance.

During the treatment, the guests are anchored on the neck and/or under the arms, practically hanging in the water while different weights of 2, 3 or 5 kilograms – depending on the state of the disease – are fixed on the back and/or the ankles (max. of 20 kilograms at a time)Water temperature: indifferent (34-35°C) Duration of treatment: 20 minutes. The weight-bath can only be available on medical advice.


  • relieving spinal discs and nerve roots under pressure • decreasing muscle cramps • reducing taenia and muscle atrophy


  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • high temperature, infectious diseases
  • acute musculoskeletal diseases
  • vertebral slippage
  • malignancy
  • after disc surgery for 6 weeks

Experiments prove that it also has unique aesthetic effects.

They have a beneficial effect on the renewal of the skin and connective tissue cells, reduce inflammation and the signs of aging, increases the production of collagen and the minerals inside refill the body because the thermal effects dilate the capillaries, therefore the nutrients- and oxygen supply increases and as a result the skin becomes more resistant.

  It is excellent for the smoothing of the face, neck and décolleté, and even for body shaping in case of using it as a treatment course. Its regular use enhances the defense mechanism of the immune system. Already after the first treatment you can feel the change on your skin – it will have a silky, youthful, fresh and velvety touch.

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