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Car Rental in Hungary

Renting a car can give you freedom and flexibility when you're travelling, and in some parts of the world it's the only feasible way to get around.

But a rental car can also add complications to your trip -- like trying to find the best deal or sorting out exactly which insurance options you need. It's especially important to have a reservation if you want a car waiting at your arrival airport. Cars are not always available without a reservation.

Car rental in Hungary

You’ll find major international car rental companies between B2Sky Travel offers, like Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Fox Autorent. But depending on where you’re travelling, locally owned companies could offer lower rates that are we offer also their services.

B2Sky Travel build a strong relationship with car rental companies and agency can offer a great selection of high-quality vehicles at great rates, from sports cars to SUVs, sedans to minivans, each one non-smoking for your comfort, like the Nissan, Opel, Kia, VW, Dodge, Toyota, Renault, Mazda, Citroen, Toyota Touring Sports Hybrid, Nissan Leaf electric car, Hyundai, Ford Focus, Audi, Mercedes or minibus and may more.

Why is it worth to choose an electric rented car? Choosing an electric rented vehicle you can say no to the high level emission of harmful substances and to noise pollution, fuel cost is appr. 1/3 of traditional vehicles operated with petrol or diesel, the almost perfectly silent.

When choosing a vehicle, think carefully about what kind of vehicle you’ll need. If you’re travelling with children or with a lot of gear, you may want a large sedan or SUV.

If you’re simply looking to save money on rental rates and gas, you’ll want to reserve the smallest available model. But size isn’t the only factor. Looking for something environmentally friendly? Many car rental companies now offer hybrid vehicles. Can’t drive a stick shift? Be sure to reserve a car with automatic transmission. In many countries, a manual transmission is the norm – so read the fine print before booking.

Also, be sure that the company from which you’re renting offers any extras you might need or want, such as a ski rack, car seat or GPS system.

Be sure you understand the conditions of your reservation, like:

  • How long will the car be held if you’re stuck in traffic on the way to the pickup station?
  • Is there a fee for additional drivers and must their names be listed in the contract?
  • Is your 20-year-old daughter old enough to drive the car?
  • For one-way car rentals, ask about drop-off charges. They can be exorbitant.

The rate you see advertised in big print may become so inflated with state and local taxes, airport surcharges, additional driver fees, insurance, gasoline bills and drop-off charges that you end up paying more than double what you expected. Check carefully these extra charges before you finalize your reservation.

Send us your inquiry with your expectaions and we prepare you a personalized offer meeting all of your requirements.