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Health and Adventure Centre now boasts 32 pools (including medicinal pools, swimming pools and paddling pools), a refreshing and relaxing Medical Wellness Centre offering exotic massages, general health check-ups, a salt cabin and thermo spa treatments, and an indoor adventure bath with loads of fun elements.

When you soak in it, it helps with locomotor diseases and gynaecological ailments. When you drink it, it treats chronic gastritis, ulcer and indigestion and helps preventing osteoporosis. And when you inhale it, it has a beneficial effect on your respiratory system.


The Medical School of the University of Debrecen was the first campus medical school in Central Europe. The Medical School now has 22 departments of basic sciences and 25 clinical departments specializing in various fields, many of these fields can boast about world-class achievements.

Some malignant blood disorders can now be cured by hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; a new, innovative method allows for the cure of diseases caused by high blood pressure that are unresponsive to medication; the renewed Cornea Bank allows for keratoplasty (corneal transplantation) procedures of the highest standard at the Ophthalmology Clinic; a new biological therapy helps with the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases and psoriasis.

In the heart of the Great Forest of Debrecen, the spa complex features three medicinal water pools of different temperatures, a swimming pool, a contrast bath and steam chambers in a domed pool hall.

In addition, there’s an all-year-round open-air pool with medicinal waters. Underwater exercises and weight bath treatments are available in two separate, specifically structured pools.


Gyula is a historical spa town, 220 km from the capital. The town is known for its famous sausage and pálinka products, its historic castle and of course the medical spa complex. The Gyula Castle Spa is located in the beautiful park of the Almásy Palace, in the middle of the town, on 8.5 hectare. The complex has five main s ections:

Medical spa – There’s an indoor pool with the water temperature of 28-30 °C. Two outdoor pools with 35-37°C water, one is shaded with wooden roof. It also has a Jacuzzi and a water jet pool. The thermal water of Gyula is alkali-carbonate-chloride thermal water, rich in minerals, so its colour is brownish, qualified as medical water in 1969. It’s recommended for musculoskeletal and joint complaints, neuralgia, and post-traumatic recovery.

In the therapeutic section can take the advantage of mud pack, magnetotherapic treatment, galvanic bath, effervescent bath, weight bath, tangentor treatment, curative and refreshing massage as well as therapeutic exercises and remedial swimming under the supervision of rheumatologist, physiotherapist and sports specialist.


Eger has a long and dramatic history that has left the city with various architectural reminders of the events that have shaped it. One of the most delightful reminders of the Turkish occupation in the city is the Turkish bath. The 31ºC medicinal water of the bath has the highest radon content in Hungary. The special arches of the Turkish bath are covered with Zsolnay ceramics, the dome above the central pool is decorated with 200,000 small golden plates. The soothing half-light, the glimmering, dancing surface of the water, and the modern massage and mud treatments will make your hamam experience truly extraordinary.

The Castle of Eger sits on a hill overlooking the entire city. There is much to explore in the castle: from canons perched along the stone walls, to church remains and a garden, you’ll get a feel of what it all might have been like centuries ago. There is also a great museum, the István Dobó Castle Museum, where you can find a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions. From waxworks of famous characters to baroque paintings to tombs and castle history, there is something for everyone.


The city of Hajdúszoboszló is located in Eastern Hungary, 240 km from Budapest and 30 km from Debrecen The baths are in the northern part of the city around a large and beautiful boating lake. The main areas of the complex are the following: Aquapark – loyal to the name, it’s a huge water fun-park with altogether 1,000 meter of slides. From a 12 m high tower you can choose from nine slides or visit the new ones called Niagara, Twister and Big Hole – the names speak for themselves. There are smaller slides for the youngsters with children’s pool, and also a pool for the babies.

The Strand (the plage) is situated on the shore of the boating lake of Hajdúszoboszló. It has volleyball and street ball courts, an artificial turf football field and five tennis courts. The stand has a Mediterranean beach with a promenade and a huge deepening pool, there’s also a wave-pool, a thermal pool, children’s pool with playground, and a mysterious pirate ship. The stand is open from May till September.

In the main bath hall there are three indoor thermal pools with water temperature of 32, 36, 38 °C. There are also outdoor pools, restrooms, three medical rooms, treatment, physiotherapy and massage rooms.

Pools have iodic, salty and bromine thermal water with natural healing effect mainly for degenerative diseases, musculoskeletal and rheumatic problems. The water treatment has also positive effect on those who are after orthopedic surgery or stroke, have neuritis or Heine-Medin disease.

Fun for all is the code! Aqua palace is about the experience of bathing in many ways. You will find inside excellent saunas, cave-bath, tropical pool, baby pool, family pool, ice cave, cinema bath, Roman bath and marine pool. There is also fitness, solarium, beauty salon and massage service, private bath with Jacuzzi and relax room for couples.

Swimming pool – next to the Thermal Camping is the Árpád indoor swimming pool with its standard 50 m long eight-lane pool, suitable for championships. The water temperature is around 25-27 °C. Inside the building you will also find a training pool, two thermal pools, saunas, solarium, fitness and gym.


Harkány, which is famous for its thermal spa, is situated 25 km from Pécs, at the Villány-mountains and wine region. Traditional Health Resort – Archaeological explorations tell us about the past of Harkány and its region in the Roman age. The Medicinal and Swimming Baths Harkány has a history of nearly 200 years.

There have been written records of the healthful effect of the medicinal water of Harkány since 1823. The development of the spa was started by the Batthyány family in 1824, and today it welcomes several hundred thousand guests annually. Its medicinal water can efficiently heal not only locomotor diseases but a number of other illnesses.

The hot springs at Harkány unique in Europe bubble up from the ground from a depth of 50–70 metres, at an average temperature of 62 0C. The most valuable component from a medicinal point of view is a compound having bivalent sulphur, carbon sulphide (COS), which as a gas is in solution and under pressure in the water.

The thermal water has been successfully used for almost 200 years in the curing of several illnesses, in the treatment of illnesses of the digestive system, locomotor disorders, gynaecological and dermatological illnesses, particularly psoriasis. Medicinal water with similar combination and effect can be found only at two more places in the world; the Dead Sea is the nearest of them to Europe.

The certificates confirm that the thermal water of Harkány has a beneficial effect not just on rheumatologic problems and locomotor disorders but also on some gynaecological illnesses – within these infertility, endometriosis, chronic inflammations of the lesser pelvis and menopause – and on dermatological illnesses, particularly on psoriasis.

Lake Hévíz - the world's largest biologically active natural thermal lake

Hévíz is situated in southwest Hungary at the western corner of Lake Balaton. The name literally means ‘hot water’. The first written memories of the lake dated back in 1 328, but researchers say people used the healing water of Hévíz a lot earlier. Hévíz is the second most popular destination in Hungary after Budapest. The distance from the capital is 193 km

The Thermal Lake of Hévíz is the world’s largest biologically active natural thermal lake. It has a 4.4 ha water surface, and the hot spring under the lake produces 410 litre of fresh thermal water / sec. This means that all water of the lake replaced completely every day. The depth varies from 100-150 cm close to the shore to 38 m in the centre. The water temperature is around 35 °C in summertime and never goes below 22 °C in the winter.

The medicinal suggestions of the therapy covers a wide range of locomotor diseases: it has beneficial effects on rheumatic locomotor diseases, osteoporosis, degenerative spinal/joint diseases, Bechterew syndrome, inflammation diseases of the joint in their chronic phases, post treatment of injuries and locomotor operations as well as tender tissue rheum, secondary diseases of the joints, chronic, peripheral, nervous, mechanical-related complaints, pre- and post treatment of operations on the joints and discs as well as chronic and gynaecological conditions.

Founded in the end of the 17th century. It has 9 indoor thermal pools and offers treatments like mud pack, weight bath, underwater jet massage, individual therapeutic exercises, medical massages, ultrasonography and many more


Miskolctapolca is a small vacation-town next to Miskolc at the foot of the Bükk hills. Its thermal water is known since the 16th century, and used for washing of clothes, and healing the tired body of locals, travelling traders and stationed soldiers. Now the bath complex is a real experience centre, unique in Europe and meets all high expectations.

The spa has huge cave system filled with constantly 29°C thermal water, separated into five chambers each with different mood. Nowhere in the world has water of such ideal bathing temperature been found in karst caves, while the colourfully illuminated rock formations hidden in nooks and crannies give the bath a supernatural feel.

The outdoor strand is only available from spring to autumn. It has 2 thermal pools, 3 children’s pool and 1 swimming pool.


Like some of the most effective medicinal waters in Hungary, the treasure of Sárvár was also come across accidentally. In 1961, whilst drilling for oil, engineers stumbled upon hot mineral springs. So now the town is the proud home to two completely different types of healing water.

One type springs from a depth of 1200 metres and reaches 43 °C, while the other originates from a depth of 2000 metres, has a very high salt content and reaches the much higher temperature of 83 °C.

This salt abundant medicinal healing water can be used effectively in the treatment of certain ailments and locomotive diseases as well as for dermatology and gynaecology. The combined healing powers of nature (the medicinal water, medicinal mud, and Sárvár salt) the specialists in Sárvár can treat problems at their source. In the classy spa of Sárvár healing and recreation are of utmost importance. Crystal clean, huge, clear spaces, several therapy and wellness treatments will make your stay in Sárvár truly refreshing.

Send us your inquiry with your expectaions and we prepare you a personalized offer meeting all of your requirements.

Send us your inquiry with your expectations and we prepare you a personalized offer meeting all of your requirements.

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