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Hungarian aqua parks cater for your splashing needs all year round. Bring the kids along and the grandparents for a day of family fun! All the major spas and baths in the country offer some kind of family fun areas, be they kiddie pools or slides of all lengths and curves.

Combining healing, relaxation and adventure throughout the year couldn’t be easier than in Hungary. In the summer, you’ll find specialised waterparks all around the country. When the sun is sizzling, chill out with wet and wild adventures at any of water theme parks’, aquaparks’ refreshing pool complexes, allowing swimmers of all ages to feel the thrill of Earth’s downward force before literally making a big splash.

Budapest– Aquaworld Resort

One of the biggest indoor water theme park in Central Europe offers unforgettable entertainment and adventure to visitors of every age throughout the year.
This complex is located in the northern part of Budapest. Adjacent to the water park is Aquaworld Resort Budapest, a four-star conference and wellness hotel.

You can choose between our vacation package programs for families, and also for couples.

The adventure center is covered by a giant dome which is five stories high and a staggering 72 meters in diameter. A mysterious ruined temple in the centre of the resort is surrounded by towers, rope bridges and palms. Right from the very first glance Aquaworld Budapest provides an inspiring backdrop where adults and children alike can explore a spellbinding water world with fresh adventures around every corner.

In addition to 11 water slides with a combined length of almost one kilometre, there are 17 adventure and kids pools, like wave and surf pools, and lovers of relaxation with saunas and thermal baths. A packed programme of courses and events is guaranteed to appeal to holidaymakers – no wish is left unfulfilled.

For young children, there is a separate area called the kids’ world is located in a separate wing, equipped with pools, slides, playhouses and a changing room. The indoor kid’s pool has different depths and the slides are always a favourite among children.

In the summer Aquaworld offers additional outdoor facilities on a fully landscaped beach area. Children have a separate area with a kid’s pool and a playground in the sand. If you want to go for a swim there is a wave-less pool or you can play volleyball, sunbath or work out in the outdoor fitness area.

Oriental Spa: three-floor wellness oasis brimming with Middle Eastern charm. Bathed in natural light, the Oriental Spa at the Aquaworld Resort Budapest radiates Eastern charm. Enjoy relaxing in this haven of wellbeing, which takes in three whole floors. Whatever the time of year, you can recharge your batteries and immerse yourself in a world of wellness, massages and beauty treatments.

Aquaworld also organises night bath and sparties on special dates, called Splash Night Slide Party. The night is all about having fun with DJ, lights, cocktails and salsa dancers among the slides, wave pool, adventure pool, Jacuzzi and saunas.

Getting to Aquaworld

A free shuttle bus runs every day between Heroes' Square and Aquaworld

Openig hours

Monday - Sunday: 6 am to 10 pm

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Experience spa and slide park, and the second greatest wave pool of Hungary, have an icy drink, see the beautiful panorama of the Balaton! This all only 500 m from the lake – just have perfect summer moments that are awaiting you at Balatonfüred, in the Annagora Aquapark!

Thousands of exciting moments and adventures for the small children and the adults, and  for families! Heated outdoor and indoor pools, children’s pools, 12 giant slides and 3 children’s slides are awaiting you besides other entertaining facilities when it is raining and it is windy – all summer.

The most up-to-date technical elements and solutions guarantee that everybody – from the smallest to the grandparents can have great moments! The simple children’s slides can be used by the small people, the slides with extreme solutions are for the young and the adults.

Besides the pools and the slides there are saunas, steam cabins, scent chambers and an ice cave help in relaxing you. In the functional centre of the water park there is the children’s experience pool, with many enticing elements waiting to be tried.

Enjoy the wave pool’s pleasant feeling remembering you of the sea. There is a separate wave pool for the children so that they can feel involved in this spell! The wellness area will also mean great moments for everybody. 

11 pools – Wave, wellness outdoor, wellness indoor, wellness children, children’s experience pool, children’s wave pool, slow river, small pool for children, wild river slide’s reception pool, slide tower’s northern reception pool, slide tower’s southern reception pool and rest-pools.

The total water surface of the pools is approx. 2400 m². The water of the pools are temperated, the slide receptions are of 25°C, the children’s pools and the pools of the wellness area are around 32°C. If the weather is not suitable for bathing, we are providing our guests with an indoor and heated wellness pool.

There are 12 special features for the young people and courageous adults: Onion * Whirlwind * Crazy river I-II * Anaconda I-II-III * Racing (family) slide * Kamikaze I-II * Turbo I-II.

The total length of the slide system: approx. 800 m Don’t leave the Balaton area without entering Annagora Aquapark! Bring your friends, parents and granparents, too!

There are 3 small slides for the children so that they do not miss the experience!

Openig hours

June 12 - Aug. 31 from 9 until 19 pm, by purchasing a "Lido Ticket for Night"

Night hours: July 3 - August 22 on Friday and Saturday between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m

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The Aquaticum Mediterranean Water Park is loceted int the heart of the Great Forest, next to the Stadium, within a dome with the diameter of 66 m. Owning to its dense tropical flora and many adventure elements, this unique facility makes summer within the heart of our guests all year long.

The water paradise offers full-day relaxation and entertainment for each generation from age 0 to age 99.

Visitors enter a bath hall covered by a 66-metre dome where genuine tropical atmosphere welcomes them all round the year either in summer or winter. Visitors of Debrecen Water Amusement Park are entertained by 11 slides, children’s pool, indoor pools, Mediterranean water park, jacuzzi, different baths with cave, waving pools, lazy river, stream water pool, geysers, health and wellness sector. Complete relaxation is provided by whirlpools.

More spirited visitors can try the climbing wall, and children’s entertainment is also ensured by a cave and waterfall besides slides.

Visitors get a wristwatch on arrival that registers the time spent in the Park, restaurant bills, use of sauna or entering the thermal bath.

The aquaticum Thermal Bath: The popular indoor and outdoor therapeutic water pools with various water temperatures and the contrast bath of the renewed thermal bath are open all year long.

The sauna world with Finnish saunas, steam bath, ice fountain, tepidarium, infra red sauna, cold water, splashing pool, Kneipp pools and experience showers, relaxation areas and the increased outdoor area make one’s stay to be a real recreation Thermal pools: In the pools hall our guests can choose between thermal water pools from 33,35 and 38 °C.

Facility description: Inside pools, open-air pools, curative treatments, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, tepidarium, steam rooms, aromatic room, slat cave, salt therapi, massage services, light therapi, hospitality, towel renting, children section, bath animation, accessories rent-buy.

The aquatic facilities of this complex include a Thai massage center, a dental center, sauna, steam room, restaurant with national and international dishes, playground for children with supervision provided by qualified personnel.

For those staying at the Hotel Aquaticum in Debrecen the entrance is free.

Openig hours

Open all year long (January 01 - December 31.)

Monday–Thursday: from 11.00-21:00.
Friday-Sunday: 10.00-21.00

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The Aquapark that was opened as the first aquapark in Hungary is located within the area of the open air bath of Hajdúszoboszló. The Aquapark may be approached from the area of the open air bath after purchasing a separate ticket.This part of the bath complex awaits its guests, equally the children and the adults, during the period that lasts from May to autumn. 

The Aquapark offers 9 types of slide tracks to the visitors, which offer different adventures for splashing into the water with starting from a height that is above 10 meters.

At the time of the opening there was such a great interest towards the slides (four track multi slide, kamikaze, hydro slide, black hole, crazy river, huge slide) that straight away they were thinking about expanding the offer. The names of the new tracks are “big hole”, “twister” and “Niagara”.

For relaxation and bathing after the sliding adventures there are three open-air pools and a drifting river for people of all ages. The additional entertainment of small children is also ensured by the mini slide, the water castle and the wooden playing ground.

The real size animal figures installed within the area of the open-air bath may be seen in the pools of the Aquapark as well, and probably they are recalled as the symbols of pleasant adventures not only by the children, but by the adults as well.

The Mediterranean seaside – from among the 13 pools that are located in the area of the open-air bath the Wave Pool and the Bubble Pool are outstanding ones. Mediterranean seaside, which is the largest built open-air pool of Europe. The sandy beach, the ship of the pirates, the lighthouse and the palm trees reflect the Mediterranean style.

A pool for Children – the swimming pool is available not only to those, who are fond of swimming, but it is also suitable for organising swimming competitions. The children may select from among several pools, where they may enjoy themselves in the water even under the supervision of the parents.

 The pool for little children, the pool for children, the training pool, and the omega pool with its two track chute offers an opportunity for careless entertainment. In addition to the water entertainment opportunities the adventures available in the open-air bath of Hajdúszoboszló are enriched by the playing ground of the little children.

Sport centre – In the sport centre that is located within the area of the bath in addition to water adventures the bathers may participate in sporting adventures as well. Beach volley ball, football tennis, table tennis, beach football and tennis are also elements of the available active sport offers.

There is a naturist island also within the area of the open air bath, for those, who love naturalism. The wide offers of the pools are complemented by extra services.

Medical Spa – The building of the thermal indoor spa was completely rebuilt in 1999. In the modern two-storey building therapeutic capacity has doubled.

Four new pools has built, in which new attractional services help visitors to recreate. In the big hall of the spa you can enjoy the basic spa cure in the indoor pools with different water temperatures (32 C, 36 C, 38 C).

Openig hours

To be added...

To be added...

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Not really Aqua Park, but the Cave-bath of Miskolctapolca is surely a unique place to visit with many pools in the cave-system to explore. 

The cave system formed by nature houses five indoor pools today, where an extensive range of medical and wellness services ensures genuine recreation for visitors wishing for relaxation and recovery.

The temperature of the thermal spring feeding the Cave Bath is 29.4 degrees Celsius and the temperature of the pools is 30-35 degrees Celsius. The Cave Aquatherapy section connected to the bath offers refreshment, recreation and healing with a number of wellness and medical services.

We could get from the basin of bath hall to the old cave basins in the water all around in the area of caves. The real treasure of place is the „lake bath” that has been shaped into Cave bath. It has been excavated and channelled by water from hard bath stone cliff during thousands of years. 

The Cave bath of Miskolctapolca is unique in Europe. Many swaer on curative power of cave bath, first of all thanks to nice and medicinal cave climate and warm karst water.

Open air basins: 3 swimming pools for children, Lake bath experience basin, Shell basin, swimming pool.
Refreshing and medicinal thermal water: the 30 °C- temperatured water and the climate of the cave has curing power, especially in joint-case.

However salt content of the water is lower than medicinal water, so guests can bath in it without time limit. There are 2 pieces tufa Finnish saunas suitable for 10 persons and suitable for 4 persons, and there is one tufa Finnish sauna suitable for 30 people. There is one steam bath cabin suitable for 14 persons and additionally 3 infrasaunas.

Floating in the Cave Bath- floating is a means of intense relaxation, based on the perfect state experienced while inside the womb. 

The Dead Sea in Jordan, known for its high salt concentration, attracts thousands of visitors each year to relax and treat various medical conditions by immersing themselves in the water. A float tank combines this natural healing phenomenon with modern technology, making it accessible in an urban environment.

Therapeutics: Mud pack * Weight bath * Effervescent bath * Medicinal massage * Underwater jet (tangentor)* Detoxication, treatment of allergy * Relaxing and pain relieving treatments * Medical pedicure, medical manicurist, fish pedicure

Openig hours

Cave bath: Mo-Su 09:00 - 18:00

Aquatherapy: Mo-Fr 08:00 - 18:00, Sat-Sun: 9:00 - 17:00

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Aquarena is waiting for you in Mogyoród, near to Hungaroring with a space of 11 and half hectares. In water-experience park there are 21 water slides meandering above and under the ground.

All together the length of our water slides is about 1 mile. Among the nine pools you can decide which one you prefer: Experience pool, Jacuzzi, three-level diving pool or the slowly streaming Lazy River.

Facilities at the Aquarena

  • Big Splash: 6 track, 60 meter long slide
  • Mole-slides: 130 meter long covered slice
  • “Freefall” slide
  • “Rafting” slide
  • “White water river”: white water rafting track
  • Entertainment pool: 700 sqm surface to swim against the current
  • Jacuzzi
  • Cave restaurant
  • Sport fields:  on 5000 sqm e.g. water soccer, beach-valley
  • Adventure slides:  120 meter long slides with curves
  • Python: 2 intertwining 50 meter long slides
  • “Flying rug” and “UFO”
  • “Black hole” slide
  • “Slow river”: 300 meter long river imitation
  • Children’s pool with children’s slides
  • Waterfall restaurant

Openig hours

June 13 - August 30 : 09.00 - 19.00

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Szeged has a real water city, called Aquapolis. The four-season ‘water-city’ awaits its visitors with a water surface of 4,400 m2 and the longest waterslide working all year round in Europe. 

The main attractions of the facility opened in 2010 are the 223 and 272 m long giant tube slides starting from a 30 m high tower accessible with lifts. There are 13 water slides altogether (9 indoor and 4 outdoor), which offer almost 1000m of sliding for our adventure-loving guests. The indoor pool is adjoined to the outdoor adventure pool.

Tower slides: BLUE anaconda-the 272-meter long * YELLOW anaconda – the 223-meter long * Green anaconda * ONION – slide from the 02nd gallery level * Kamikaze * MULTI-SLIDE * 2 baby water slides in the Kid’s pool

In the Kid’s Paradise children can play in a four-storey maze-type playhouse and a play corner is waiting our little guests, as well.

In unique Baby-Mom World we offer the parents the possibility that they can put the baby to sleep, feed or change the baby in a quiet, calm environment, inside the bath complex. You can find a microwave oven and nursing bottle warmer in the baby kitchen.

Silent wellness area, is a perfect relaxing place for everybody. You can find this unique relaxation area inside the building of Hunguest Hotel Forrás**** superior. Services: 25 m long swimming pool * adventure- and effervescent baths * steam chamber * salt cabin * Finnish sauna* infrared sauna cabin * aroma cabin * outdoor log sauna

Medical section right next to the fun spa with the following services: medicinal gymnastics * under-water group gymnastics * physiotherapy * under-water jet massage * carbon dioxide bath * weight bath * mud wraps * medical healing massage * lymphatic oedema treatments, cosmetology,   esthetical surgery

In the new therapeutic wing of the bath complex – uniquely in Hungary- we also offer complex treatment – day hospital – in 14 two-bedroom suites, with separate bathroom

Night bath on Fridays 21:00-24:00 – available between the 30. September-16. December 2016.

Openig hours

June 16 - Aug. 31., Oct. 31-Nov. 04., 11., 30., Dec. 01., 22-31., 2017. Jan. 02-06

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To the east of Lake Gébárti AquaCity Waterslide and Adventure Park was built, where 13 giant and 5 smaller waterslides and 9 special pools can be found offering varied entertainment facilities to water-lovers, such as a lazy river, a children’s pool, a wave pool, a jump-pool and a Jacuzzi pool.

From the look-out tower built at the top of the slide hill visitors can enjoy the extraordinary view of the town and the Zala region rolling nearby.

AquaCity Zalaegerszeg has a swimming pool with waves like in the sea and covers the total area of ??1100 m2. The water temperature is 25-27°C and the depth from 0 to 180 cm.

For the youngest is ready 30-55 cm deep paddling pool with lots of entertainment in the form of slides and fountains. For older children there is a pool with a depth of 0-90 cm and water temperature 28-30 °C.

Other attractions, for the more daring ones, include jumping pool with a depth of 2-4 meters. There is also 300 m long slow river suitable for relaxing. The depth of water in this river is 100 cm and the temperature is around 25 – 27 °C.

For beach sports lovers water park proudly offer beach volleyball playing opportunity and our beach soccer courts. What is more, an outdoor fitness park offers recreation and some pleasure time to them, as well.

Openig hours

11 June – 30 August, Mon - Sun: 10.00 - 20.00

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