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The Széchenyi Thermal Bath is the biggest spa complex in Europe. The hot-spring water supply for the bath is provided by the Saint Stephen Well (Number.II), commissioned in 1938 while the cold water supply is provided by six smaller wells.

Baths have various bath tickets. Full day tickets usually include the use of all bath pools and facilities, but not the personal care services (massage, manicure or hairdressing).

We offer the following package programs

    • Daily entrance tickets
    • Daily entrance tickets with “I love Széchenyi Spa” or “I love Széchenyi Spa Plus” package
    • Wellness packages standard: entrance ticket with cabin usage and massage
    • VIP Wellness package: entrance ticket, VIP massage and I love Széchenyi Spa/PLUS service
    • Exclusive Wellness package: entrance ticket, VIP massage in exclusive room and I love Széchenyi Spa/PLUS
    • Medical threatments
    • NEW! Beer Spa in Széchenyi Bath

    If you are planning to spend a spa day or half a day in a Budapest bath, make sure that you book the spa services in advance (the pools and facilities do not need to be booked, but in the high season the baths get very full). A towel, flip-flops, a bottle of water, a swimsuit and a swim cap will come in handy when visiting one of the baths.

    •  with “I love Széchenyi Spa”package include: cabin usage, towel available to rent *, flip-flops, 2in1 shower gel and shampo, swimming cap, mineral water 0,5l (*= 4 000 Huf deposit requested,)
    • with “I love Széchenyi Spa Plus” package include: cabin usage, towel (takeaway gift), flip-flops, 2in1 shower gel and shampo, swimming cap, mineral water 0,5l  Price-2016  Price-2017.
    • Includes: entrance ticket, VIP massage and “I love Széchenyi Spa or PLUS” services
      A type of VIP massages (50 or 70 minutes): Harmony aroma massage, Royal Thermal massage,
      Royal Thermal extra massage, Lavender Dream treatment Price-2016  Price-2017
    • Includes: entrance ticket, VIP (50 or 70 minutes aroma or thermal massage in exclusive room and
      “I love Széchenyi Spa” services Price-2016  Price-2017
    • Indications: Degenerative disorders of joints and the spine (eg.: joints of the hips and knees), – chronic arthritis,- rehabilitation after ortopedic surgery and trauma – vertebral disease (deformity, disorders of the vertebral disks, lumboischialgia, Bechterew-disease), – chronic arthritis in inactive stages, – neuralgic pain, – bone loss.
    • Medical services only on medical prescription, Mud treatment, Weight bath, Carbon-dioxide bath,
      Medical massage, Underwater jet massage, Underwater curative gymnastics, Complex balneotherapy treatment.
    • However, it should be noted that before undertaking any cure it is essential the patient should always consult his/her doctor for a medical opinion on the most appropriate type of treatment, recommended frequency of bathing. and its duration. For medical treatment package, please contact us.

    Dip in your own couple-size wooden tubs freshly filled with bubbling mineral water and all-natural ingredients of beer!

    We welcome you to take a relaxing bath in original wooden tubs with your partner or friends. The tubs are filled with freshly poured 36 degree warm thermal water combined with a jug of natural beer ingredients: the malt, hops and yeast have an amazing impact on your skin and body. But don’t worry – the water has a nice herbal scent!

    The Beer Spa awaits you with 6 tubs, meaning we can welcome max. 12 persons at once Soaking in a herbal bath while drinking delicious Czech beer is not only amazingly refreshing, it’s a great stress reliever and can help cure your hangover. It’s simply 45 minutes of pure relaxation! The tubs are emptied and cleaned in between sessions so you can rest assured knowing you have your own fresh water to bathe in.

    The water mixture helps to rejuvenate your skin, reduce the appearence of acne and cellulite, and cleans your pores. It provides vitamins, sugars and proteins that help your body release muscle tension. It also reduces stress, improves blood circulation and eliminates damaging substances as well as increasing heart activity.

    The Beer Spa is located inside the legendary Széchenyi Spa – meaning you need to have a valid ticket for the spa as well. 
    Beer Spa Combined tickets in Széchenyi Bath package includes: 1 day ticket for the Széchenyi Spa with cabins & 1 chosen Beer Spa session!  You get priority entry to the Széchenyi Spa! hostess will be waiting for you upon your arrival and tell you everything you need to know about the spa and your booked session.

    Opening hours: every day from 10AM to 7PM   Price-2016  Price-2017

    We have given you a simple grid of medical and wellness services; Let us know your requests and we will create a special proposal for you.

    Useful information in Rudas Thermal Bath

    • We would like to ask you to arrive 40 minutes prior to your given appointment of massage or treatment, how there should be enough time onto the receipt of the ticket, a shower, getting changed.
    • The usage of a towel and sheets is possible to rent for extra fee.
    • We ask it to arrive to your treatments 5 minutes earlier in order for his relaxation to be allowed to start comfortably. We are obliged in case of delay to make a shorter treatment since thermal bath cannot modify the massage time of the guest coming after you.
    • We kindly ask you to have a shower before your treatment!
    • A child under 16 years may not attend a massage treatment since the state of his musculature is suitable for this yet.
    • We recommend only short part massages for 16 and our guests between 18 years
    • Széchenyi Thermal Bath is coeducated every day.
    • We can not provide massages in the following cases:
      • pregnancy * for children under 16 years (For 16-18-year old people 20-minute massages are available.) * fever * varicose veins (in case of foot massage) * cancer * osteoporosis * menses * infectious diseases * skin diseases * heart diseases (In case of having a pacemaker, please consult with our colleagues.)
    • Spas of Hungary – General contraindications: 
      • generally poor state of health, cardiac conditions, constant high blood pressure, within six months of a heart attack, -tumours,-tuberculosis, -pregnancy, active or inflammatory stage of degenerative locomotor disorders.
      • And while speaking of contraindications in the spas of Hungary, it is important to note that self-care using medicinal baths is inappropriate in the treatment ofcomplaints and illnesses.
      • Bathing treatments and natural healing methods have no side effects whatsoever when applied on the basis of an accurate diagnosis. tab 2 fül alatt Harmony aroma therapy treatments (50′ and 70′)

    What sets your mind at ease? We know the answer: an aromatherapy massage, a relaxing treatment done by calm, slow and gentle movements. This massage, a favourite kind of massage nowadays is not only one of the great many treatments in the hot water medicinal baths of Budapest. It is a thrilling experience, a relaxing massage scented with precious aromas and warm oil.

    The aromatherapy massage is specifically recommended:

    • as a first massage experience in case you are unfamiliar with the realm of massages
    • in times of increased mental and physical load
    • for insomnia

    During 70 minute harmony aroma treatments facial toners with highly active substances and moisturizers are used both of which are complemented by overall body-, facial-, and head massage.

    An increasing amount of people have been affected by locomotive disorders nowadays. Symptoms might come at a rather early age and we hardly ever come across a person without complaints. Swedish method makes the thermal massage unique. The masseur applies more powerful, dynamic movements, assesses the state of the muscles, touches on painful parts and taking all these into consideration works out a tailor made treatment. Due to the professional use of stroking, rubbing movements the effect of the massage is immediately felt, tension in the muscles, pain in the body is eased.

    Thermal massage is specifically recommended:

    • in times of increased physical load,
    • in the case of non inflamed arthritic pains and aching muscles,
    • for recreation, relaxation and easing the muscles.

    This massage is a perfect complement of thermal bathing. Based on a more powerful Swedish method the massage is offered for those who prefer a more dynamic treatment.

    Royal thermal extra massage

    It is the therapeutic version of the royal thermal massage. Following the massage the masseur applies an extremely strong balm containing goat butter to the aching regions of the body in order to enhance the healing effect. By doing so the masseur also increases the painkilling effect of the massage.

    Lavender is one of the most well known ingredients of aromatherapies. The little violet flower creates harmony in man, its look and scent amazes everyone, refreshes, recreates and at the same time sets your mind at ease. Your body is fully scrubbed by a mixture of Atlantic salt and real lavender blooms which is followed by a tip-to-toe massage with a special, warm lavender oil.

    Lavender sprinkle, facial toner and uniquely nutritious lavender moisturizer are used during the entire relaxing body massage. Lavender dream treatment is specially recommended for all who wishes to undergo an unusual relaxing treatment The 70 minute thermal treatments include overall body massage, refreshing foot, facial and head massage, too.

    Address: Széchenyi Thermal Bath
    H-1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 9-11.

    the thermal bath is situated in the City Park

    By public transportation
    trolleybus 72 and the millennium underground train show on map

    Opening times
    Outdoor swimming pools: 6 am to 10 pm, Steam department: 6 am to 10 pm
    Thermal department: 6 am to 7 pm, Pump hall: 9 am to 5 pm

    Send us your inquiry with your expectaions and we prepare you a personalized offer meeting all of your requirements.

    Send us your inquiry with your expectations and we prepare you a personalized offer meeting all of your requirements.

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